Why selling is NOT about relationships anymore (Why you should become the value proposition instead)

When you are looking to buy something, let’s say a new phone, laptop, car, or your first home are you looking for or expecting the salesperson to be your new BFF? Someone that you can hang out with on weekends and invite to birthday parties?

I didn’t think so…

You are looking to make the right buying decision and avoid any mistakes in the purchase.

Your clients are not looking for a new best friend relationship. What they want is ‘a trusted advisor’ to help them make the right buying decision. They are looking for YOU to be the value proposition. I created a Personal-Value-Proposition-Venn-diagram to help you position yourself as the Value Proposition.

You can’t ‘grow’ sales. Grow your people and they will grow the sales for you. Book your 30-min discovery call now.

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