Warren Ingram – Anyone can exert control over their money (Global investing made easy)

Warren Ingram – Anyone can exert control over their money (Global investing made easy)

It’s Warren Ingram’s second appearance on Candid Conversations! This time around, he chats to Charles about his new book – Global Investing Made Easy.

This episode is a must for anyone interested in learning more about investment. You’ll get a clear definition of ‘financial freedom’. And Warren discusses how anyone can take control of their money – it’s never too late to start!

He also touches on the best percentage of your gross income that should go into saving for the future. Charles and Warren further mull over the problematic trap of credit card debt.

Also in this episode, Warren details the concept of a good asset mix. And explains why removing currency fluctuation on your capital is so important.

From the 4% rule to the different ways of investing money overseas, this episode is jam-packed with valuable information. One key takeaway: Warren clarifies the importance of knowing your money’s domicile. He also explains why investing the majority of your money locally is necessary if you’re planning on living and retiring in South Africa.

The episode is a great foretaste of what you can expect from Global Investing Made Easy. You can buy Warren’s new book at any good book distributor. All proceeds go to Warren’s Serendipity trust.

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