The Art Of Storytelling In Your Business

Since March 2019, the podcast How I Built This with Flying Kite’s Charles Hsuan, interviews growing small-to-medium-sized business owners to find out about their journeys towards entrepreneurship success.

This week, Charles was interviewed by Impact Radio 103’s Toni Rams. Tondi engaged in a number of personal questions with Charles about the origin of his unshakable optimism, why he believes developing personal/business storytelling is vital, Flying Kite’s upcoming Business Storytelling Workshop on 2 September at the Impact Hub Rosebank,  and how his walk with God has influenced him along the way.

“If you can tell it, you can sell it”– Charles Hsuan

Charles Hsuan from Flying Kite In studio with Impact Radio 103’s Tondi Rams
Charles Hsuan from Flying Kite in the studio with Impact Radio 103’s Tondi Rams

Exceeding your sales is our business, storytelling is our currency. Flying Kite offers internal company workshops on storytelling, as well as public speaking related to the topic.

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