Successful Ideas Tug At People’s hearts-Not Just Their Heads

If you ask people in marketing ” How do you persuade people to change?”

You most likely get an answer that sounds like this- Change making and persuasion are only about getting people’s attention by creating awareness around a subject or option and then presenting people with rational arguments that will convince them to make choices we find desirable.

Yet, both science and what we see in the world around us prove otherwise. Research in the fields of psychology and behavioural sciences demonstrates that people make irrational decisions all the time.

We are not driven only by reason and logic. Emotions play a huge part in how we react, what we decide, and whether we choose to change.

  • Persuasion is the capability to change a belief or behaviour.
  • We persuade by appealing to reason or understanding.
  • It’s more than presenting the information and expecting people to make an objective judgement or rational choice.
  • Information that resonates deeply connect with people’s feelings.

Don’t just persuade people to act. Move them to act.

At Flying Kite, we help you design and implement effective strategies so you can spread your powerful ideas.

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