Refuse to be Boring – Create Your A.P.a.R.T Moment: Impact Radio Interview

When people ask ‘what do you do?’, is your answer the usual business jargon-filled ‘yawner’, or do people lean in and say ‘WOW, tell me more?’ – Charles Hsuan 

Charles Hsuan sits down with Tondi Rams of Impact Radio to discuss the release of his eBook Refuse to be Boring – Create Your A.P.a.R.T Moment

The foreword by well-respected business content writer Nadine Todd sums the book up perfectly: 

Each day, in every way, we’re selling our ideas – we’re pitching a solution, a business, an investment opportunity, whatever it is – and the way we capture attention is to be succinctly and genuinely engaging. I believe everyone needs to learn how to tell their story – and Refuse to be Boring – Create Your A.P.a.R.T Momentis the perfect place to start.

Listen to our interview below.

Exceeding your sales is our business, storytelling is our currency. Flying Kite offers internal company workshops on storytelling, as well as public speaking related to the topic.

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