Nedbank Franchising Podcast With OBC Group’s Tony Da Fonseca, Interviewed by Charles Hsuan

Join Charles Hsuan from Flying Kite for a special 12-part Nedbank Franchising Podcast series.

Charles delves into the minds of leading franchises and business owners who are making a positive impact on business in South Africa.

These are their untold stories.

When I interviewed Tony Da Fonsanca, the first thing I noticed was his positivity and laughter, great things to have during this turbulent time that we are experiencing.

Tony da Fonseca started his career in a small advertising agency which later joined forces with international communications agency DDB. 12 years ago (2008), the directors of OBC Group, one of DDB SA’s clients at the time, offered Tony the position of Managing Director.

Founded in 1989 the OBC group was one of the first independent chicken retailers to set up supermarkets in townships, taxi ranks and rural areas.

Listen to more below…

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