How I Built This: Douglas Kruger, how to train your brain for wealth

Douglas Kruger poverty proof

“You are not separated from your goals by a matter of years; you are separated from your goals by a matter of actions.”– Douglas Kruger

Douglas Kruger started his public speaking journey at the age of 17 as a means to build self-confidence. Today, he is a professional speaker and business author of 8 books. His latest book is called Poverty Proof: 50 Ways to Train Your Brain for Wealth.

Charles Hsuan from Flying Kite with Douglas Kruger

Flying Kite’s Charles Hsuan spoke to Douglas about how to position yourself as an expert, how to create value and build net worth and, ultimately, how to ‘own’ your industry. Douglas believes that you don’t need to be a global-level expert to teach, train, and guide others to run a business – you merely need to know more than your target market.

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