Simon Brown- When it comes to investing, you’ve got to REALLY LOVE what you buy!

Simon Brown is the host of the popular week-day podcast, MoneyWebNOW.

He also runs Just One Lap and appears weekly on BusinessDay TV’s The Week That Was and writes a weekly column for the Financial Mail. This man has a passion for money and educating people on how to work well with their finances!

In this episode, Simon shares how downscaling was one of the best financial decisions he’s ever made. He also talks about learning the hard way to ride out stock crashes and take the emotion out of making financial decisions.

From discussions on books and the fact that our bodies age to the people Simon has most enjoyed interviewing over the years, this episode covers a lot of bases.

So, you’re bound to learn something interesting from the man who owns exactly two pairs of shoes.


  • To avoid wasting money, be sure you really need and really love the things you choose to buy
  • Sometimes it’s good to try new things just for their silliness, not because you need to be the best at everything
  • We don’t remember important life events by holding onto tangible objects, we simply remember them. So, it’s possible to let go of a lot of clutter


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