Shelley Walters – Working with customers means considering their thoughts and ideas

In this episode, we have Shelley Walters, the CEO of The Sales Counsel joining us. Her company is the first in South Africa to offer fully remote sales courses.

Shelley shares her inspiring journey from a difficult upbringing to a successful entrepreneur. She talks about how she learned the value of hard work and business ownership from her grandfather, and how moving to a new city changed her life.

Shelley also discusses her early career pursuits, which ultimately led her to start her own business. We dive into a variety of topics, including religion, corporate life, the financial sector, and new technology.

As usual on this podcast, we have plenty of helpful resources that listeners can access to continue learning. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn!


  • The art of selling is not taught in school, but it is vital for the work environment.
  • Some of your most important hires will be those employees who work diligently behind the scenes.
  • Who you let into your life and the choices you make when you’re younger can significantly impact your future success.


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