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Sales Mistakes To Avoid (Are you talking your way out of a sale?)

Do you ever think about why you are talking during a sales meeting? You might think, Charles that’s obvious. I need to pitch my business, how else will the client know if me and my products are any good?

That may be true, but have you ever thought that you might be talking your way out of a sale?

I’ve been collecting data over the past 3 years and I see the same thing happen with the sales teams that I am training and coaching.

The discovery is the “Bottom-performing salesperson talks about 70% of the time, while top performers talk less than 40% of the time.”

What that means is when a salesperson is talking more than their client, they are going to lose more sales! Watch this video to fix that mistake.

Making sales should not be a mystery…. Book your 30-min strategy call today.

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