Richard Mulholland – Find solutions before there are problems-Charles-Hsuan

Richard Mulholland – Let’s Solve problems before they happen

This episode takes a bit of a different spin. Which makes sense when you consider Richard Mulholland’s whole take on his industry is for it not to be boring.

Join Charles and Richard as they discuss Richard’s early desire to be a stuntman, salesman, and actor. Also, Richard’s absolute childhood obsession with Michael J. Fox! And if that isn’t interesting enough, they touch on Richard’s time as a roadie and how working as a crew member for conferences birthed Missing Link.

Richard’s aim with Missing Link is to address the issue of boring presentations at the source. He does this by highlighting the importance of narrative. Of course, there is a touch of ‘the usual’ in this episode as well. The guys discuss books – including Richard’s own three. And there’s mention of lessons learnt when starting a new venture. One key takeaway: don’t offer a product that could (unintentionally) hinder your clients’ ends.

So, tune in to take one rock ‘n roll ride down memory lane – CD-ROMs are involved. And between all the metaphors about cake, you’ll also unlearn some of the myths surrounding public speaking. Not bad for a half-hour episode!

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