Renee Hasseldine – Let’s make building your intellectual property visual and fun!

Renee Hasseldine is the founder and CEO of Think RAPT. Her company helps clients with the creation of visual models and intellectual property. By simplifying your message through the use of visuals, Renee believes that you can successfully scale your business. Visuals are also a powerful tool to communicate complex concepts in a simplified and clear way.

In this episode, Charles chats to Renee about her entrepreneurial journey – from a failed vegan bar to the success that is Think RAPT. They also talk about the importance of conducting good market research and defining your ideal client. And, Renee defines her Think RAPT model – Results, Answers, Process, and Target.

Give this episode a listen, and let Renee’s passion inspire you!


  • Money is never a good motivator for starting any career or business.
  • Just because you build it, does not mean they’ll necessarily come. You have to find your right niche.
  • Leverage ways to make more money and work less. Then, love what you do.


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