Remember Why You Started: What To Do When You Lose Focus

One of the memorable moments for me was when I attended the Global Leadership Summit in 2018.  One of the speakers Dr Nthabiseng Legoete of Quali-health spoke about “Focus on why you started”. Remember and focus on why you started your business, As a society, we don’t often discuss our failures, about the mistakes we have made along the way. If we don’t do it we lose the focus on why we are there.

Challenges do not mean your dream is not working. Challenges are stepping stones and learnings to lead you to a better place, a place that you envisioned when you started. Here is some advice when you lose focus.

1. Be a little flexible on how you get to the goal

  • Changing your HOW doesn’t mean you change the WHAT or the WHY.
  • Team up with those who share your WHY.
  • Be determined and unwavering in WHAT you want to achieve but not inflexible on HOW you want to get there.

2. We will face defeat, challenges and resistance-Don’t be surprised

  • Challenges are part of your purpose-filled journey. They should not derail you. Forgive yourself for making mistakes.
  • There will always be critics and some will not like you. There will be a lot of noise.
  • Be willing to make the tough decisions to move the business forward.
  • Expect pain and self-doubt but don’t be paralyzed by it.

3. Your faith will keep it going

Ask yourself: Are you doing what you set out to achieve? If the answer is YES, then keep going and ignore the noise!

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