Refuse to be Boring – Create Your A.P.a.R.T Moment: Impact Radio Interview

When people ask ‘what do you do?’, is your answer the usual business jargon-filled ‘yawner’, or do people lean in and say ‘WOW, tell me more?’ – Charles Hsuan 

Charles Hsuan sits down with Tondi Rams of Impact Radio to discuss the release of his eBook Refuse to be Boring – Boring does NOT sell.

The foreword by well-respected business content writer Nadine Todd sums the book up perfectly: 

Each day, in every way, we’re selling our ideas – we’re pitching a solution, a business, an investment opportunity, whatever it is – and the way we capture attention is to be succinctly and genuinely engaging. I believe everyone needs to learn how to tell their story – and Refuse to be Boring – Boring does NOT Sell is the perfect place to start.

Click here for the full interview.

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