PJ bishop Podcast with Charles Hsuan

PeterJohn Bishop-Whatever stage you are at in your career, embrace every teachable moment

Sage’s VP of Services, PJ Bishop, joins Charles in this episode. They talk about PJ’s youth and how growing up with entrepreneurial parents paved the way for his own business endeavours.

PJ shares how he began working at a very young age. And he notes the valuable lessons he learned by being under leaders who were willing to embrace teachable moments.

PJ has packed artworks for shipment overseas, delivered newspapers, worked as a cashier, and been a teacher. So, he understands first-hand the value of hard work. This understanding drives him and others at Sage to help SMEs become successful.


  • Business owners make many sacrifices. Automation can help them gain back valuable time.
  • Listen to understand, not to answer.
  • There are many avenues of learning. One of the best ways to practically apply such learning is to consider how the knowledge might have served you in a past situation.


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