Overcome the Your price is too high objection With the 3Fs method Charles Hsuan Sales coach

Overcome the ‘Your price is too high’ objection (With the 3F’s method)

When someone gives you the ‘your price is a bit high’ objection. How do you respond?

Price objections are common in sales. Who wants to pay more when they can pay less, right?

Here is an easy and practical way to overcome this specific sales objection. I learned this technique from one of my clients, who operates a real estate business in Melbourne, Australia.

From time to time, people push back because he charges a higher-than-industry-average commission.

When that happens he uses the 3F’s method to overcome objections.

#1 Feel
#2 Felt
#3 Found

Curious? Watch this short 3-minute video to find out how to apply the 3 F’s in your next sale conversation.

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