Master the secret language of sales: Storytelling

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On 22 April 2021, I was interviewed by the NSBC’s CEO, Mike Anderson, during the Sales Indaba. We had a live Q&A with over 500 business owners tuning in. If you were one of them, thank you for watching as well as for your interactiveness!

The topic for the hour was: How to use storytelling to boost your sales. 

Here are some of the topics that we covered:

  1. What is a storytelling sales coach, and how do they help business owners and sales professionals?
  2. What is the ‘wall of rejection’?
  3. What is good selling vs good storytelling?
  4. What are some of the common mistakes that salespeople make?
  5. Recommended books on sales and/or storytelling.

If you’re interested in watching the full discussion, click on the video link here.
Or, if you prefer reading, here’s the published article:

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