Mark Sham – Everyone’s winging it (don’t be discouraged)

Mark Sham is the founder of Suits and Sneakers, an informal, online, education platform. He also presents the travel channel, Like a Tourist (Act like a tourist in your own city)

Mark believes that there are many ways to become an expert. While formal education has its place, it doesn’t cater to everyone. In this episode, Charles talks more to Mark about informal approaches to effective learning.

The two also chat about Mark’s unique hiring practices, the time and effort it takes to create content and build a name, and how quickly life can throw small businesses a curve ball. Mark also shares his joy in inspiring fellow South Africans to explore their home country.


  • You don’t have to have everything figured out. Everyone is simply making their best, calculated guesses on how to start a new business, live their best life, be a good parent, etc.
  • Kids learn from their parent’s examples. If they don’t know certain life choices are options for them, they likely won’t carve out new paths for themselves.
  • Who you spend your time with matters.
  • Learning how to be happy is vital for navigating our complex world.


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