Magriet Groenewald Nothing is impossible if you have the right mindset Podcast with Charles Hsuan FlyingKite

Magriet Groenewald – Nothing’s impossible if you have the right mindset!

In 6 short years, Magriet Groenewald has built one of the leading social media marketing companies in the country. Magriet’s main aim with her business,, is to teach and help entrepreneurs – and others – to navigate the complexities of social media, turn content into engagement, and engagement into profits. 

In this week’s episode, Charles chats with Magriet about her passion for teaching and empowering others, the benefit of being ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, and random encounters with celebrities that have led to long-term partnerships.

Magriet also shares how having entrepreneurial parents impacted her career trajectory, even though she started out following the more traditional ‘study then become employed’ route. She talks about the valuable influence of other entrepreneurs on her life as well, particularly in terms of learning how to be brave, not letting doubt take hold and building resilience. 

One important point she makes is about how nothing is impossible if your mindset is geared towards finding solutions. Another point: asking the right kinds of questions can lead to success, even when faced with serious setbacks.

From taking risks, moving cities, the birth of, and, of course, books, this episode offers something for everyone. So, sit back, relax, and let Magriet’s enthusiasm inspire you on your own social media journey.

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