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Jandre de Beer – Entrepreneurship is all about perception transparency consistency and persistence

In this episode, Charles Hsuan talks to the owner and founder of V8 Media, Jandre de Beer. They touch on Jandre’s history as a professional rugby player. Included is a story of how colourful clothing items made him stand out to scouts!

Jandre then walks us through his foray into personal training. Here, he learnt that perception is key not only for standing out on the field but for landing clients too. But there is a caveat. It’s important to build a positive perception while still remaining honest and transparent. Jandre warns that businesses get into trouble when perceptions are built on falsehoods.

From there, Jandre highlights the key practice of discipline. Especially: how the discipline has helped him better navigate business successes and failures. He then goes on to talk about the importance of consistency and the need to avoid growing too fast.

He notes that you can’t ensure business sustainability if you’re taking on more clients than you can handle. Jandre also touches on the need to respond well to negative client feedback.

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