How To Deliver Persuasive Presentations

I recently delivered a talk at Nedbank’s retail and franchise seminar entitled “ 4 Habits To Build Your Business.” A number of attendees’ approached me thereafter to ask if I could provide any guidance on how to deliver persuasive presentations, and I am happy to now share some of my best pointers on the topic.

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Here are some insights that I shared with a group of business owners during the meeting:

If you are uncertain of how to structure your message, try this simple but effective format

Inform the audience of the status quo;

  • Explain what has changed, and what the reasons for the change were.
  • Explain how things might look in the future, whilst expanding on the most likely scenarios.
  • Finally, inform them what they can do about it.

You can refine this framework with your own insights, or with what’s relevant to your own industry or scenario. I suggest you add your own stories and examples to make it come alive.

This simple structure is the core of all thought-leadership presentations and will serve you well. What makes this routine effective is that it encourages the presenter to speak with an Audience-Interest adaptation. You become the mentor; the audience becomes the mentee.

It’s simple and easy to remember, and you can apply it in a broad range of persuasion scenarios.

At Flying Kite, we help you design and implement effective strategies so you can spread your powerful ideas.

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