How I Built This: Lien Potgieter–have you ever considered that colour can help you grow?

“Gold is the colour of abundance in all areas, and my all-time favourite colour”– Lien Potgieter​

Lien founded The Colour Option in 2010. She began specializing in colour therapy after experiencing her own self-discovery years ago (hint: her life was “colourless” and surrounded by brown).

Over the years, Lien has helped more than 3000 people “put a little colour in their life”. She has also specially created a range of online colour therapy courses for people who want to live full, authentic lives – in relationships, business, and creativity. Listen to her journey in the podcast below.

Exceeding your sales is our business, storytelling is our currency. Flying Kite offers internal company workshops on storytelling, as well as public speaking related to the topic.

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