How I Built This: Why clearing your mental clutter will boost your leadership skills- Ragil Ratnam

“In over 20 countries, I’ve helped leaders make the best decisions they can by clearing the clutter in their heads and achieving their best performances” – Ragil Ratnam

It’s often very difficult for very senior leaders to confide in someone within their organisation who isn’t biased or who hasn’t got an agenda. It’s useful, then, for someone who is outside the organisation and who holds a neutral stance to help leaders reflect and come to their own conclusions. 

Ragil Ratnam is a clinical psychologist based out of Bangkok, Thailand, who specialises in Leadership Development Coaching. He is a faculty member of the Behavioral Coaching Institute’s (BCI) Graduate School of Master Coaches. 

Are you ready to unclutter your mind in 2020 with Ragil? Listen to the interview below.

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