How I Built This: Briony Liber– are you the CEO of your career?

“No one owes you a job; you need to manage your career like a business.”
– Briony Liber

Briony Liber is a well-respected career and leadership coach who started her business in 2017. She is a firm believer that you are your own business, and that in order to grow, you should manage your career like a business. 

Briony and Charles sharing a joke during the Business Storytelling workshop

She also advocates the importance of investing time in getting to know yourself. Briony believes that when you know who you truly are, what you value, and where your boundaries lie, it becomes a lot easier to figure out what’s important to you and where your purpose and meaning come from.

If you are struggling with confidence, thinking about changing careers, scared to fail, or unsure of how to articulate your value, then listen to this interview as Briony unpacks her own journey from being scared to start to running workshops with over 100 attendees per session.

Exceeding your sales is our business, storytelling is our currency. Flying Kite offers internal company workshops on storytelling, as well as public speaking related to the topic.

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