How to Succeed Under a Micromanager

Have a difficult boss at work? How to succeed under a Micromanager (1 tip for managing up)

Do you work for a Micromanager?

Most of us have had that manager that annoyed us and caused our stress levels to go up with micromanagement. They were in our faces every two hours about a task making us feel they don’t trust us enough.

My observation: You’ll never be able to FORCE someone to change his or her micromanaging behaviours.

I know how you feel because I worked for one for many years and managed to thrive. I have one tip and three ways that can help you manage up.

The good news is…

😀 You are not actually changing what you are doing on a daily basis.

😀 You are simply changing the way you communicate by giving them the status of your work before they ask for it.

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