Become Smarter Every Day Charles Hsuan Daily learning machine

Do you go to bed smarter than you woke up? (Be a Daily Learning Machine)

Why are some people more successful and productive than others? What is it that they are doing that you are not?

I’ve interviewed over 70 successful business owners and industry experts, many of them were guests on my podcast, Candid Conversations.

I started to notice a pattern, and one thing, in particular, kept coming up. It is one of their less talked about secrets but is a HUGE component of driving their business growth.

They are all what I call ‘Daily Learning Machines’.

In this video, I go through the 4-part framework that describes what makes them a daily learning machine and how you can become one too.

You can’t ‘grow’ sales. Grow your people and they will grow the sales for you. Book your 30-min discovery call now.

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