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Meet Charles Hsuan,

founder of Flying Kite

Flying Kite's Charles Hsuan presenting at business story workshop p1 2019

I am a storytelling sales coach and I work with business owners who want to grow their business by communicating more clearly to their customers. 

You deserve a comprehensive framework that can teach you the skill to communicate clearly, so you can make more sales!

1. Most business owners have trouble explaining what they do.
2. They usually default to product listings (like an infomercial).
3. That’s why I developed a 5-point S.T.O.R.Y framework that helps businesses clarify their message.

I have presented at Nedbank’s Retail & Franchise Seminar since 2018 and am the 2020 Nedbank Franchising Podcast host.

My podcast, “Candid Conversations” can be streamed here.

Other clients who have benefitted from my workshops & consulting services include Kuraflo, Stadium Fast Foods, BrightSparkz Tutors, Shirley Anderson Sales Consulting & Training, and The Daily Coffee Café Franchise Group.

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