If You Can Tell It, You Can Sell It ™

Meet Charles Hsuan,

founder of Flying Kite

Flying Kite's Charles Hsuan presenting at business story workshop p1 2019

I am a sales coach that can help YOU, the growing business owner, to “Sell with your S.T.O.R.Y” instead of relying on product-pushing.

1. Most business owners have trouble explaining what they do.
2. They usually default to product listings (like an infomercial).
3. That’s why I developed a 5-point S.T.O.R.Y framework that helps businesses clarify their message.

When you have a clear message, customers engage more. It’s a great way to share your story and grow your business.

I have presented at Nedbank’s Retail & Franchise Seminar since 2018 and am the 2020 Nedbank Franchising Podcast host.

My podcast, “Candid Conversations” can be streamed here.

Other clients who have benefitted from my workshops & consulting services include Kuraflo, Stadium Fast Foods, BrightSparkz Tutors, Shirley Anderson Sales Consulting & Training, and The Daily Coffee Café Franchise Group.

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