Tamryn Dicks podcast with Charles Hsuan

Candid Conversations Podcast: Tamryn Dicks- Are you checking the financial health of your business?

Tamryn Dicks is the founder of an accounting firm, Pharsyde Solutions, they have created a company that collaborates closely with and actively mentors clients.

With this approach, business owners not only uphold all legal requirements but actually see their businesses prosper.

The strange thing is that she never actually dreamt of being an accountant. In fact, for much of her school career, Tamryn believed she would become a psychologist.

In this episode, Charles talks to Tamryn about her accidental fall into the world of accounting and business ownership. And Tamryn shares how the mistakes she made along the way have helped her help her clients.


  • The rates you charge clients should be in relation to the value you offer them
  • There are a lot of financial and legal requirements associated with owning a business. But, few small business owners are aware of these and can find themselves paying a hefty price as a result
  • Pay close attention to your business’s finances. These can help you identify your business’s strengths as well as what you might need to change


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