Candid Conversations Mike Anderson and Charles Hsuan

Candid Conversations: Mike Anderson – Seizing opportunities before the tipping point of evidence is what makes a true entrepreneur

Mike Anderson is the founder and CEO of NSBC Africa. The NSBC is the largest organisation on the continent dedicated to helping SMEs grow. He has a passion for helping people. This passion feeds into the various avenues the NSBC provides to SMEs. Some of these resources include webinars, publications, and monthly business breakfasts.

The largest event on the NSBC calendar is The Business Show. This expo enables SMEs, decision-makers, and others to learn from and network with one another. Mike believes empowering SMEs can strengthen the South African economy.

This is how Mike measures his success: “If I can help one small business in one small way every day, then I’m successful”.In this week’s episode, Charles talks to Mike about the value of seizing opportunities. They also touch on embracing failure and how Covid-19 has led to innovation. There are also some great stories involving caravans and fish – no spoilers!

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