Candid Conversations: Leanne Hughes – Content curation is key, be intentional

Candid Conversations: Leanne Hughes – Content curation is key, be intentional!

Meet Leanne Hughes – the first Australian interviewed on the show! Leanne is a facilitator, trainer, and writer. She also hosts the illuminating First Time Facilitator podcast. But Leanne’s main gig is helping companies create ‘rave-worthy’ workshops.

Charles chats to Leanne about her childhood. She relays how her natural penchant for planning awesome birthday parties as a kid blossomed into a fully-fledged business. Leanne also shares how her mixed upbringing taught her the value of time. She translates this to what she offers her clients in respect to having an intentional plan and design to make workshops ‘pop’.

As an avid reader, Leanne appreciates good content. More so, she believes that good content should be packaged in a way that is meaningful.

Leanne also shares her journey from a corporate employee to an entrepreneur. She is a firm believer in dreaming big, embracing serendipitous moments, and taking chances.

This episode is full of book references, sprinkled with mention of Leanne’s sporting background. So, tune in to learn more about the Three C’s and the importance of focussing on results rather than methodology. And along with all the informative tidbits, you’ll be treated to Leanne’s zest for life.

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