Candid Conversations: Joshua Cox – It’s amazing what support can do!

Joshua Cox is the founder and CEO of Fix Forward – a company dedicated to social upliftment. The business connects building sector-based entrepreneurs with potential clients. Through a careful vetting process, clients are assured of hiring a high-quality contractor. The company also offers workshops and mentorships aimed at growing its contractors’ businesses.

In this episode, Charles chats to Joshua about how the idea for Fix Forward came about. Joshua talks about the special role that a friendship played in the company’s birth. They also discuss the hybrid NPO-company model adopted at Fix Forward. Turns out that this model can be very effective for promoting greater scalability!

The difference between working for a purpose versus working for money is also mentioned. And Joshua shares what he might have done differently when starting up the business. They also touch on the most consistent characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

Josh further talks about how even basic support and a bit of credibility can help grow small businesses. He also shares how Fix Forward has improved individuals’ lives. So, if you’re looking for an inspiring way to spend 20 minutes, this is the episode for you.

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