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Candid Conversations: Joeri Schilders – Ideas are not enough, you need a way forward

‘We are a bit like Tabasco. A little bit of us, in the right places, makes an intense difference in the outcome of a project.’ Joerie Schilders.

Joeri is the owner and founder of The Magic Sauce. The company offers clients creative solutions to business problems. But, Joeri’s approach is not simply around ‘design thinking, it’s about practical application and forward motion.

To start, Joerie details his formative years growing up in the Netherlands. He had parents who taught him the value of blending creativity with practicality. These insights impacted his later career path. He also chats about his dream of becoming a rock star. But, ultimately, he ended up spending 15 years in China and Hong Kong. Here, he worked for different training and innovation consulting companies.

Joeri’s now taken what he’s learnt to help other businesses grow. His company does this by addressing business problems through the process of ‘creating’, ‘building’, and ‘sharing’.

This episode is full of fun and valuable information. There are also tips on finding ideal clients and ‘breaking up with those who are less than ideal. You can contact Joeri Schilders at The magic

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