Candid Conversations: Fred Roed-Selling is an attribute of life. You might not like it, but we all need to do it!

This week’s episode serves up a tasty treat as Charles chats to Fred Roed from Heavy Chef. But before you go thinking this instalment will be all about food, think again. As the saying goes, “Never trust a skinny chef”.

This is why Heavy Chef is in the business of equipping entrepreneurs through ‘bite-sized’ education that helps them become heavy hitters in their field. Think of it as ‘Recipes for entrepreneurs’. Heavy Chef is a learning platform for entrepreneurs.

Fred shares his journey from aspiring young cartoonist to co-founder of a successful digital marketing agency. It was while building the agency that Fred learnt the importance of entrepreneurs believing in and using their own products. He used these lessons to create Heavy Chef, with the aim to build up South Africa’s entrepreneurs.

From Tim Ferraris to statistics to inspiring stories, there are a lot of practical insights in this episode.


  • Selling is an attribute of life – you might not like it, but we all need to do it
  • You can be a ‘heavy chef’ in your field without being an expert
  • Entrepreneurship is fraught with micro and macro challenges – the key is how you navigate them


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