Selebogo molefe podcast with Charles Hsuan

#58 Candid Conversations: Selebogo Molefe – Effective execution beats a good idea every time

Lebo Molefe is the founder of The Biz Plug. His aim is to help entrepreneurs operating in, especially, in South Africa’s rural communities to thrive.

In this episode, Charles chats to Lebo about his climb out of poverty and the important role books played in this journey.

Lebo wanted to be a lawyer but circumstances lead him down another path. Instead, after school, Lebo found himself in hairdressing and then construction.

Lebo founded The Hookup Dinner (THUD). Then came The People’s Fund. Thanks to his journey, Lebo knows first-hand the hard work it takes to become successful. He also appreciates the unique hurdles faced by South African entrepreneurs. This helps him to provide tailored solutions.


  • In South Africa, the vast majority of those who start businesses do so out of the fundamental need to make a living. Understanding this reality should change the way we support small businesses
  • Both manual labour and informal trade can be exceptionally lucrative. But, they’re often looked down upon because they’re less glamorous forms of profession
  • Copy-pasting solutions from other countries cannot and do not help South African entrepreneurs


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