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The Story-Driven Approach To Selling

Sell more, in less time, to the right clients

Would you like your sales team to:

Did I describe you
Charles Flying Kite. If you can tell it, you can sell it

We can help you with that. Here's how.

Niche and expertise:

The "Bigger, Better Smarter" Program

1. The 4-month topic-driven sales coaching is practical and simple to apply.
2. Be equipped with the playbook to sell smarter, not harder, to the right clients, faster!

3. Let's make it the year you soar past your sales goals a reality

1 on 1 Sales Coaching

Boost your team's sales performance with personalised coaching that targets individual strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Get 1-on-1 guidance that is carefully tailored to each team member's needs, goals and challenges, and see how improved sales strategies can radically empower your team.

Sales accountability Sessions

We begin with discussing and setting sales goals.

We meet weekly to track teams’ or individuals’ progress, take ownership of developments, reflect on any shortcomings, and help salespeople to build and build on their skills.

Kuraflow Testimonial

“Charles Hsuan's Story-Selling ideas are practical and effective, and the attendees found it incredibly insightful.”

- PJ Bishop, VP at Sage (Services, Partners and Alliances AME)
Story Selling Coach Charles hsuan 2022

“We are having better quality meetings which are leading to more future sales. It all starts by asking the right questions.”

- Hive Digital Media

So, what are the results?

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Get started

Let’s begin with three steps.

Using the techniques I’ve learned from my coaching sessions with Charles. I’ve seen my sales cycle shorten from 4 weeks to 10 days!

- Bean There Fair Trade Company
Charles hsuan 2023 sales coach

Who’s Charles Hsuan?

The Founder of Flying Kite, Charles Hsuan, was born with ADHD. Although his Taiwanese parents wanted him to achieve excellence in school, he struggled to meet their expectations – despite his best efforts.

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