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Meet Charles Hsuan

Charles Hsuan is a storytelling sales coach, who works with growing businesses with a strong culture of learning.

Before starting Flying Kite in October 2018, Charles won multiple Sales Performer of The Year Awards as the digital advertising manager of Entrepreneur Magazine SA. It was during this period that he discovered and mastered storytelling as a powerful technique to exceed sales targets.

Charles believes customers buy with emotion and justify with fact. He also believes that every business owner and sales professional deserves a practical framework that can teach them the skills of storytelling, including how to develop a clear marketing message.

Along with his Sell with your S.T.O.R.Y coaching programme, Charles also speaks at events and hosts workshops to help business owners and sales professionals win more sales.

Charles holds a Masters in Marketing and has over 15 years of experience in high-performance sales environments and digital marketing strategy.

He is the author of “Refuse to be boring, boring does NOT sell” and shares weekly YouTube videos on “Simple stories with actionable steps”

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Meet Our Happy Clients

A guide to storytelling for business owners and sales professionals

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